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Okotoks is a great place that still holds that small-town feel. It is my belief that by working together to support each other we can continue to keep that feeling as we grow.

Contact us for unique fundraising opportunities for your sports team or club. We can customize something to fit the size of your group.

If you have a team that would like to use the benefits of the Rip Surfer X by SURFSET® for cross training please contact us and we can arrange specialized times and classes to get you on board.

We know Okotoks has a large Home School/Online School community so we do have times available for group fitness classes for the children to do together. Currently we are running SURFSET® Fitness Classes, dependent on age of the children and what the group would like, the class can be set to accommodate a variety of age groups, dependent on your needs. We can also do Stomp your Shadow classes when the snow is upon us. Please contact for further information regarding availability and to arrange dates and times.


80's Night SurfSet Fundraiser!